Creating Distortion Free UV’s with Headus UVLayout

Headus UVLayout is a wonderful tool for creating distortion free UV’s. I first used this useful little plugin about 6 years ago, and over the years it has become an essential part of my everyday toolset. At this point every major studio in LA has at least a handful of licenses on hand for their artists so if you want to be cool like the rest of us you have to get up to speed, and buy yourself a copy at (Don’t pirate, it’s only $200 for the hobbyist version, and $300 for the PRO version).

In this video I will demonstrate the process of pulling distortion free UV’s with Headus UVLayout using a simple combination of hotkeys like…

“C” – Cut
“W” – Weld
“D” – Drop to UV space
“F” – Flaten
“SHIFT-F” – Bloat then flatten
“enter” – Split Shell
“3” – Checker View
“E” – 3D View
“U” – UV View
“]” – Pack UV Shells
“M” – Move Shell

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