Demystifying the linear workflow in Vray, and Arnold for Maya

In this first video we cover setting up a linear color workflow in Vray for Maya, as well as how to use Nuke to verify our colorspace.

In this second video, we learn how easy it is to set up a linear workflow in Arnold for Maya.

2 comments on “Demystifying the linear workflow in Vray, and Arnold for Maya

  1. Great video Timothy, just one question regarding Linear Workflow and more specifically, the”Affect Swatches” button (under the Render Globals / VRay Tab / Color Mapping): if you were to render the same setup – from the Linear Workflow video, and you unselect the Affect Swatches button and you don’t gamma correct the color swatches for the two spheres… the color may look “correct” in our renders, but it will not be correct in Nuke or any other color correction package? I believe you mention at the beginning of your video that ALL of Maya’s color swatches are sRGB, not linear, correct? So we always have to gamma correct ALL the texture files and the color swatches – except B&W maps that have to do with bumps, displacements, normals maps, etc…

    Thanks in advance!

    • admin

      That is correct, all srgb textures and color swatches need a gamma node to bring them into the correct color space. Any pure white/black swatches should not be touched.

      Thanks for the comment, and hope you find our future tutorials to be just as helpful.

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