Houdini Transitional FX


Often times in the career of an effects artist you will be asked to do more than just create one simple effect. More often than not you will need to be able to transition seamlessly between a number of complex setups to final your shot. In this new training series “Houdini Transitional FX” you’ll learn how to transition from water into ice, ice to fire, and fire to sand all in the course of one tutorial.

With over five hours of advanced training from FX wizard Simon Littlejohn you’ll learn tips on how to use geometry to grow your VDB’s and drive flip sims with velocity fields. From there you’ll tackle everything from RBD’s, Pyro, and Pop Grains as well as how to light and shade it all.

So if you’re ready to master the art of transitioning from one complex FX setup to another in Houdini please head on over to MAXDEPTH.tv/shop and pick up your copy of “Houdini Transitional FX” today!


1 Introduction and Overview 00:00
-Intro and Setting up Workspace
2 Creating volume and flip sim 5:12
-Defining Container of fluid and fluid particle sim
3 Creating velocity field 11:31
-Creating curves and converting to velocity volume
4 Slowing down the flip 33:30
-Taking particle fluid and slowing down post-solve
5 Ice Crystals 37:15
-Creating the base geometry for Ice
6 Growing Ice Animation 57:17
-Using geometry to grow VDB’s
7 Ice Mist 1:17:48
-Sparse Pyro using edge intersection
8 Fracturing the Ice 1:37:23
-Using Boolean Fracture and custom shapes
9 Simming the Ice 1:55:58
-RBD Simulation in SOPs
10 Melting the Ice 00:00
-Geo Erosion and SOP Solver into POP Net
11 Making Flames 32:42
-Setting up Sparse Pyro flames
12 Creating Dirt 43:31
-Converting a Volume to POP Grains
13 Assembling Element Transitions 1:08:46
-Building switches for Element swapping
14 Additional Ice Elements 1:18:28
-Creating Ice interior bubbles and volume
15 Getting Set up for Rendering 1:40:00
-Isolating Elements for ROP Import
16 Ice Shading 1:49:14
-Manipulating Noise and the Principled Shader
17 Flame Shading 2:15:35
-Pyro Post-process shading
18 Dirt Shading 2:28:26
-VEX Noise and particle pscale
19 Magical Edge Lights 2:37:17
-Using intersections for Light geo
20 ROP Setup 2:45:07
-Setting up Render, Matte, and Phantom Objects

21 Final Tweaks 3:01:18
-Ironing out some kinks before final render
22 Final Render 3:13:14
-Look at the cool render


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