Free Reality Capture Photogrammetry Webinar

Link to signup for webinar is here ———->

Are you looking to master the art of Photogrammetry using Reality Capture? Well look no further. My name is Timothy Hanson from and I’m here to announce this free hour long webinar entitled “Getting Started with Reality Capture” sponsored by Capturing Reality.

Over the course of this webinar we will learn how to capture the perfect dataset as well as some tips and tricks for how to properly shoot your images. Next we will cover our best practices for preparing our images with color correction before import into Reality Capture.

Once inside Reality Capture we will cover everything you need to know to generate your point cloud, as well as how to merge multiple components with control points. We will close out the webinar with a walk through on how to prepare your mesh for export outside of Reality Capture as well as how to do final polishing of your mesh in Zbrush.

Please find the link below to sign up for the webinar which will be held November 11th at 11am Pacific Standard time.

Link to signup for webinar is here ———->

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