Creating Distortion Free UV’s with Headus UVLayout

Headus UVLayout is a wonderful tool for creating distortion free UV’s. I first used this useful little plugin about 6 years ago, and over the years it has become an essential part of my everyday toolset. At this point every major studio in LA has at least a handful of licenses on hand for their artists so if you want to be cool like the rest of us you have to get up to speed, and buy yourself a copy at (Don’t pirate, it’s only $200 for the hobbyist version, and $300 for the PRO version).

In this video I will demonstrate the process of pulling distortion free UV’s with Headus UVLayout using a simple combination of hotkeys like…

“C” – Cut
“W” – Weld
“D” – Drop to UV space
“F” – Flaten
“SHIFT-F” – Bloat then flatten
“enter” – Split Shell
“3” – Checker View
“E” – 3D View
“U” – UV View
“]” – Pack UV Shells
“M” – Move Shell

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8 Replies to “Creating Distortion Free UV’s with Headus UVLayout”

  1. I just discovered Unfold and believe its better than headus. The shortest path selection and symmetry are huge time savers.

    1. There are symmetry features in Headus not covered in this video, but I will give unfold a look! Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. I agree with you.. it is also way more pleasant than Headus. They have to keep updated! Headus has not changed very much from a while, but more and more companies are coming out, and this is only a pro for our customers. The only reason for which Headus is still there is for the huge number of people using it–>teaching it–>learning it–>buying it and so on. It’s hard to break this kind of circles.

  2. aren’t all these seams a problem? is it better to work in this way, or maybe move vertices with Headus moving tools? I’ve done it with the last method until now. But is it a “production workflow”? I’ve always heard that seams are a problem but you don’t show this fright in your video. You’re just cutting everywhere, for this reason I use the move brush in Headus to make all parts green.

    So what is better?

    1. If you are using a painting package like Mari or Body paint there is no longer a need to worry about seams. Those packages paint seamless.

    1. No need to worry, if you use Zbrush and export 32 bit displacements there is virtually no seams visible. As the software has gotten better over the years, you no longer have to worry about the old days problems with seams.

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