COMING SOON: Vray 3.1 for Maya Training

“Vray 3.1 for Maya: Advanced Production Workflow and Techniques” will be the first major commercial release for MAXDEPTH, and is scheduled to arrive September 2015. Available to stream and for digital download.

This advanced training series will cover topics such as,

  • Vray Frame Buffer
  • Global Options
  • Image Sampler
  • Tiled EXR
  • Vray Proxy (creation and export)
  • RT Engine
  • Physical Camera
  • Render elements
  • Volume Grid (OpenVDB)
  • Vray Displacement
  • Object Property Nodes
  • Light Materials, Mesh Light
  • Enviornment Fog
  • Lighting (Dome, Area, Point, IES, Sun Lights)
  • Shaders (Standard MTL, Blend, SSS, Light Material, MTL Wrapper)
  • Vray Fur

In promotion of the upcoming release, we have made the first chapter available to you now! Enjoy!



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