Avengers Particle Techniques with Thinkbox Krakatoa


For those of you unable to attend Siggraph this year, we are happy to release the video from our Tech Talk created for our friends at Thinkbox Software.

In this 45 min video, MAXDEPTH founder VFX Supervisor Timothy Hanson will walk you through some of the nParticle techniques he used in conjunction with the Krakatoa renderer to create the ethereal energy emanating from Loki’s scepter during the films opening sequence for Zoic Studios. Over the course of this video you will learn how to…

  • Emit particles from a geo source driven by a texture map.
  • How to use a volume axis field to disturb and manipulate these particles as well as using conserve, damp, and drag on the nParticles themselves.
  • How to use the Krakatoa PRT saver to take a 500 thousand particle sim, and bump it up to around 10 million particles at render time.
  • Use the “Force Additave” mode within Krakatoa to achieve the desired wispy/smokey effect.
  • Finish with Nuke for a little color correction and grading.

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