Available NOW!!!! Vray 3.1 for Maya: Advanced Production Workflow & Techniques

Vray 3.1 for Maya: Advanced Production Workflow and Techniques is an in depth training series from VFX Supervisor Timothy Hanson with over 5 hours of advanced training covering major topics such as…

Vray Frame Buffer
Global Options
Image Sampler
Render elements
RT Engine
Vray Proxy (creation and export)
Vray Volume Grid (opendVDB)
Object Property Nodes
Vray Fur
Vray Displacement
Lighting (Dome, Area, Point, IES, Sun, Mesh-light)
Shaders (Standard MTL, Blend, SSS, Light Material, MTL Wrapper)
Physical Camera


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For those of you interested in scene files, please email me at admin@maxdepth.tv with a copy of your receipt, and I will email you a dropBox link. The scene files contain a master scene file used for most of the lighting with proxies for the mesh and particles as well as all texture files and HDRI. It also contains the scene file from the displacement section, with displacement maps. Keep in mind you will have to remap the textures and proxies once you download them to your computer in order for them to render properly. I have also included all the individual proxy files for the creature and particles so you can start your own scene from scratch should you chose. The files total 4.5 gigs so be patient when downloading.

These scenes are being provided in good faith for testing purposes only, and they are not intended for commercial use as they are copyrighted by MAXDEPTH.



Special thanks to artist Yan Chmarkovski for his Creature Design in this tutorial.

Check out Yan at this link cgidomain.weebly.com