2019 Timothy Hanson VFX Supervisor Reel

Kicking off the new year with a best of reel for my work in 2019 as a VFX Supervisor at Zoic Studios in Culver City, CA.

A special thanks to all the talented artists on my team at Zoic that helped to create such amazing work. You never cease to inspire me, and I look forward to what madness we create together in the year to come! Special thanks to Houdini artists Simon Littlejohn, Ryan hurd, Hermes Crispo, Jinny Ko, Helen Kwok, and Rigel Bowen, as well as Compositors Anthony Castro, Tom Farenella, Jordan Hassay, and Harimander Khsala. Modelers Shamus McGlynn and Frankie Siegel. All of who had a hand in the work seen here. It takes a team.